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Looking for a NEW HOME LOAN?

You can be sure that you are going to get the best rate when you come to A-Plus Loans. We have access to all available rates, so we will compete with anybody to get you the best deal. Even better, we know that everybody's different, so we work one-on-one with you to get you the right loan to fit your needs.

Our financing programs include:
FHA Standard or Jumbo - 3.5% down
FHA & VA Streamline Refinance

VA loans - 0% down payment
First Time Homebuyer

DU Refi Plus up to 125%
Conventional - Conforming - Jumbo
Super Jumbos and more!

We may be able to get you a loan even if you have been turned down before! We still have financing for borrowers with imperfect credit. Dings cetainly impact your credit, but the older the dings get, the better your credit starts to look. There is no charge to you to call us to chat about your possibilities!

It is important for you to get pre-approved.  We recommend that you get pre-approved before  you start looking for your home. And if you are ready to place an offer on your home, we can help you to get pre-approved fast! When you provide the listing agent with a real pre-approval letter from a lender  we represent while submitting your offer, it dramatically improves the chances that your offer will be accepted.


Questions and Answers:

How much mortgage do I qualify for?

It's important for you to find out the maximum loan you can qualify so you don't waste time looking for properties that you can't afford. To find out how much you home you can afford, call us at 858-484-5700 or fill out a quick application for a loan pre-approval!

Which loan is right for me?

There are many programs available. We are experts at matching the best loan with each borrower. To find your best match with a loan program call us at 858-484-5700 or fill out a quick application and we will contact you!

If I have imperfect credit.... Can I still get a loan?

We offer a variety of lending products to meet the varied needs of each of our customers. Many people mistakenly assume that a poor credit score will keep them from getting a loan. However, we recognize that you are more than your credit rating. We have solutions that take other factors into account and give you the chance to rebuild your credit and move on with your life.

Do not wait - start your loan application today!

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